Read what Susan's clients have to say:

We have been very happy with the work Susan has done for us.  Our first project with Susan was with our kitchen remodel.  We were well into the project and realized we needed help – and time was of the essence because of the construction schedule.  Susan jumped right in and helped us finish the project.  She was able to quickly assess our needs and our style, and put together colors and accessories that fit perfectly with our home. The end result is a kitchen we absolutely love and that is constantly complimented by friends and family. In our second project, we were again crunched for time due to holiday entertaining.  We asked Susan to help us quickly remodel a powder room and foyer.  Although she was already busy with other projects, she again came to our rescue and in only a few short weeks had helped us update both rooms.  Her sense of style, color and comfort are extraordinary.  And on top of that she is organized, responsive and acts with a sense of urgency. It is unique to find a decorator with all of those qualities.  Which is why we will continue to use Susan for our future decorating projects and highly recommend her to others.

Kathy and Keith Hicks, Dunwoody, Georgia

Susan Miles of Allegro Interiors is the most phenomenal decorator I have ever known. She has transformed my house into a home that I am proud of. Whether it is rearranging what I already had or completely replacing a room, Susan has made such beautiful choices. She has the keenest eye for color, furniture placement, accessories, balance, and beauty. Everyone who walks into my house compliments me and tells me how beautiful my home is. Susan has expert craftsmen in every aspect of home remodeling. I have known Susan for twenty years and highly recommend her to anyone who is furnishing, decorating, or remodeling their home.

Maxine Russack, Dunwoody, Georgia

We have worked with Susan for many years because she knows how to translate our ideas of what we like, with relation to colors and style, to the finished room.  She can update what we have and also help us to transform the look and feel of an existing room. She is wonderful to work with because she is so professional and has such a genuine interest in helping us to achieve the results that we want. Her attention to detail is what completes each room from start to finish.  We always think she is wonderful and does the very best for us. Thank you, Susan!

Nancy Andersen, Dunwoody, Georgia

Our experience working with Susan has always been, and continues to be, truly positive. Our first “job” together was quite challenging.  Our family had just moved into our new home after losing all of our belongings in a fire just several weeks before.  We were faced with an empty house, and a vision of how to make it a warm, comfortable home.  With Susan’s knowledge and expertise we made that happen! She has a tremendous gift for being able to listen to what we want and bring it to life! She now knows our style and likes, and is able to find samples of whatever it is we are working on — be it tile, fabric, or other details — on the first try.  She is a wonderful resource for all of our home interior needs and we would highly recommend her!

Duane & Charlene Kalinowski, Atlanta, Georgia

Susan has assisted me with interior design at four homes, over the course of the past twenty-two years. She makes me feel like part of the “design team”, by listening to my ideas for a room, and incorporating her knowledge and awareness of the design market, to bring my dreams to fruition.  With the help of construction specialists hired by Susan, we have remodeled a basement, a kitchen, and three bathrooms, as well as redecorated numerous rooms. She has also helped me with new construction, adding an addition to an existing home.  Susan determines the budget to be applied to a project, and then she shops for wall coverings, cabinetry, furniture and accessories.  She almost always provides three choices — in terms of paint color, fabric choice, art work, accessories and furniture — that are all within budget.  She is aware of personal deadlines, and communicates the feasibility of staying on schedule.  She oversees the installation of the furniture, art work, bedding, and window treatments. Susan also works with a team of at least ten people who provide reliable ancillary services in terms of carpet installation, faux painting, art framing, drapery and bedding production, furniture repair and restoration, carpet cleaning — and the list goes on. She is an honest and reliable person, with great experience in transforming an ordinary space into a showplace. I have enjoyed our collaborative efforts!

Judy Vogel, Atlanta & Lake Lanier, Georgia/Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Classy is the best word that I can use to describe not only Susan Miles, but also her design work. I have been a client of Allegro Interiors for ten years.  Susan has enabled me to choose furniture, lighting, fabrics as well as space design that resulted in a beautiful and comfortable home for my family. My home has produced many admirers and referrals for Susan. Everyone I have referred to Allegro Interiors is as pleased as I am.

Eileen Alt, Dunwoody, Georgia

Susan Miles has worked with me on several different projects — kitchen remodeling, living room decorating, and rebuilding our basement after a flood. No project is too large or too small for Susan.  I appreciate how she learns about our taste and budget, then suggests solutions to our needs rather than imposing her style. She has excellent contacts around Atlanta for interior design pieces and a good knowledge of the building industry. Susan works hard to stay up to date with trends and materials.  When we remodeled our kitchen, Susan was adept at organizing all the subcontractors and only accepting perfect materials and installation. I look forward to calling Susan Miles again soon for another project!

Donna Gilli, Dunwoody, Georgia

Susan handled my very extensive multi-room renovation several years ago and my experience in working with her was exceptional. She was very focused on my needs and desires while also assuring that all designing elements are correctly done so that no mistakes were made.  I found Susan’s ability to determine the “best” color was in all instances excellent.  After this renovation, I’ve received many comments about how beautifully styled and decorated my home is and how warm and personal it feels. Susan has shown herself to be an incredibly gifted interior designer, and I believe she has an exceptional ability to deliver a beautiful home for any client’s needs.  Susan’s contributions to my home far exceeded my expectations, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone undertaking an interior design project.

Pat Mitchum, Conyers, Georgia

I have been working with Susan for many years and she has been instrumental in redecorating many rooms in my home.  I recently redid my kitchen, but I kept within my budget by her suggestion of refinishing my cabinets and changing the paint color on the walls. It looks like a brand new room! Susan has a knack for working with items you already have, and by adding a touch here and there, changing the color palette, or adding a new piece to a room, it feels like you completely redid the area — while still keeping it within your price range. She enhances the décor of the room by pulling together colors and pieces, and whether you are looking for a lamp or an accessory or you want to redecorate your entire room, she treats every job with importance. She always takes the time to offer multiple choices, and she gives you the freedom to make the best decision for your home.  Her positive outlook and great personality make her a joy to work with.

Beth Flanagan, Dunwoody, Georgia

We sought Susan for advice on updating our kitchen and we ended up engaging her for the whole project. She chose colors that warmed and brightened the room. Susan also made a very key suggestion that ended up having a huge impact by making our kitchen appear larger and more open. Throughout the project, we appreciated Susan’s attention to detail, oversight of the work, and follow-up. Susan was easy to work with and made us feel that our small job was as important as any big job she has done. We were thrilled — even my husband gave her a big hug of appreciation when it was all done.

Linda Jerkins, Dunwoody, Georgia

Susan Miles was recommended to me by a friend and business acquaintance. I was having trouble putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper regarding my master bath remodel. Susan quickly picked up on what I wanted and quickly put together a plan. With her exquisite taste and design ability she was able to make suggestions that made the redesigned room feel “lived in” while still transforming style and staying within my budget. Her vision for pulling together colors, textures, accessories, furniture and artwork made our redesign easy to envision. Susan is very professional and conscientious regarding detail, and flexible with suggestions. She also requires those traits of the professional subcontractors she uses. I enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her again on a future project

Dina Owens, Alpharetta, Georgia

The fact that we have used Susan to do three of our homes plus a nail salon speaks volumes about how highly we esteem her. My husband Hal and I have always been impressed with her ability to walk into a room and quickly analyze the changes that are needed to make the space become more comfortable, functional, and visually pleasant. She has such a strong sense of color and a talent for being able to “warm up” a space, and significantly improve the look and feel of a room. We’ve also liked how she provides us with multiple selections and price points and is able to work within our budget. Her attention to detail and ey e for pulling in the perfect lamps, artwork, rugs, furnishings, and accessories have tastefully enhanced the décor and made such a statement in our homes. She is truly an expert at transforming a room and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Sue Todd, Atlanta, Georgia/Shaker Heights & Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The result of working with Susan is a wonderful continuity of color and style from room to room, as well as the deck colors as seen from our foyer and living room.  She is gifted in her craft and very intuitive in noting what works well with our personalities in picking out carpet, framed artwork, and furniture that are a perfect blend for our family and lifestyle.  She is consistently prepared with various color palettes and ideas to present to us.  Susan’s wealth of experience shows in the way she is organized, pays attention to detail, and how she goes about implementing a project down to every last detail and accessory.  We have worked with her with ideas from ceiling to floor covering in seven rooms. Susan helped transform our much-loved house into a beautiful home.  We are definitely impressed!

Wanda Taylor, Dunwoody, GA

Among her many attributes as a decorator is Susan’s awesome ability to deal with people!  And I can truly speak from experience!  When Susan first began working with us as clients, my husband, being the conscientious breadwinner in our home, with an engineer background, was only concerned with cost and practicability.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, I, from a teacher background and lover of creativity, color, the unexpected, and “all things bright and beautiful”, was not on the same page!  And there stood Susan in the middle!  I know it was not easy but with her ideas, suggestions and finesse Susan was able to keep us both happy and coming back for more in our next and present home!  We were thrilled with her ability to incorporate the existing furniture with very little new, choose color coordinates, and select unusual fabrics.  When it came to accessorizing she was the best! Not only did we love the finished product, but when friends came to visit, the compliments flowed on the decorating and Susan found many more clients clamoring for her help.  One of my friends from Baltimore, Maryland, came to visit and loved our home so much she hired Susan to decorate her home in Baltimore — long distance from Atlanta!  Allegro Interiors met the challenge and now has a showcase home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our present home is my “dream home” thanks to Susan! When we moved here Susan helped me develop a plan, with her architectural skills, enhancing what the builder had already offered. We also picked fixtures, flooring, lighting, counter tops, tiles, backsplashes, and even placed plugs and switches.  Because my husband is a handyman, Susan and he developed a way to make a curved curtain rod for a palladium window out of a dryer vent pipe reduced in size.  Together they saved us a great deal of money!

Every day I wake up loving my surroundings and so thankful to have the total look I want in my home — thanks to Susan. Susan is a creative, talented, inventive, industrious and cost conscious decorator with great insight into her client’s taste and very blessed with skills in dealing with all types of people!  As a result of our hard work together, Susan and I have become friends and I truly cherish her friendship.

Barbara Groves, Atlanta, Georgia

I am so glad that Susan guided me in the re-decorating of my living room. Because of a removed wall, the room layout is very long with an off-center fireplace. It has always been a challenge to find a way to use the space comfortably and effectively. Susan came to me with a quiet confidence that put me at ease as we decided how to work within the confines of my budget and oddly-shaped room. She graciously listened to me, worked hard to stay within my budget, and helped me discover my own personal style. Her subcontractors including painters, electrical contractors, and cabinetry-makers were just as trustworthy and talented as Susan. I always felt comfortable with her recommendations of ideas, resources, and people. The result is a warm and elegant room that is functional and comfortable for my family of five. We have lived in it for over two years and haven’t changed a thing!

Janna Benston, Dunwoody, Georgia